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Finding the Divine Love Within your Self ...

A talk by Sri Swami Vishwananda

We were talking about how to surrender... And the most important thing is how one has to build up pure love in your heart. To surrender is one thing. But how will you surrender if you do not have pure love from your heart? Difficult! So, pure love from ones heart can make the Divine serve you even. Because that's what God wantsthat you awaken this Divine Love. That you can love like he loves. That you can spread this same love everywhere. That you become an instrument of his love. But to become an instrument of his love you have to let this pure love from your heart awaken. And once it's awake, you will see that whatever you do, it will be only for Him. Even when you do something which is wrong in the eyes of other people, but in his eyes it will be always good.

Some people will say yes I will go and kill somebody and I will be good in his eyes. But it is not like that. Basically , when this pure love awakens, there will be no sign of negativity.

So, to attain this purity of love from the heart...

A good example is Yashodarani. Yashoda, The mother of Krishna. Once, She had baby Krishna on her lap. So, baby Krishna was playing all of a sudden she just realized that she had left something on the fire. Some milk was boiling on the fire so she left baby Krishna with pots of butter everywhere. So she rushed inside the kitchen, and when she did that, Krishna got frustrated you know. He wanted to teach her a lesson. So, he broke all the pots of butter. Maakan , Actually, its' not butter it's whipped cream.

So, he broke all the pots and when Yashoda came - of course she would not be happy. So meanwhile Krishna ran away and hid himself in a corner. So Yashoda went looking for Krishna and then she found Krishna he was eating the Maakan and he was feeding the monkey also. This made her more angry. So she went there and got hold of Krishna and said today I will teach you a lesson. I will tie you. So she took a long rope and starts tying Krishna.

But the one who is not bound by any of creation. The one which is with form and without form, the one which is the creator, protector and destroyer - how can a rope bind him.

So she did it, but could not tie it because the rope was too short. So, she got more rope and more rope and still it was short. But the one which yogis can't even get through meditation you know, here she wants to bind him. So, looking at Yashoda, she was tired, she could not understand what was happening. So Krishna looked and he saw so much love from her, so much dedication from her that he let himself be bound.

Not by the rope, but by her love. Because she was completely dedicated to him actually. That she could bind him. She could tie him up.

So this show that one wants to attain the love of God. But one can't attain the love of God by studying, by austerities, by penance. The only thing that you want really to attain him is to awake this pure love from your heart.

And when this pure love from your heart awake, you surrender yourself completely. And in this pure love you will find everything. And that's where surrender starts.

And when this pure love gets awakened, when surrender has started it develops, it grows... like I explained yesterday to the group who did Atma Kriya ... It grows into 6 steps of love.

And this sixth step of love it's when the lord becomes very close to you. It's when God becomes very close to you. As you surrender to him he surrenders to you also . And that's real spirituality.

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